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15 days free trial!

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TeamFORMS Survey €19 per month: Contacts managementTeamCRM Group €39 per month:Sales and marketing
TeamCRM Pro  €59 per month: complete CRM
TeamCMS Portal €99 per month:CRM extension

15 days free trial15 days free trial15 days free trial15 days free trial

Excluded VAT, price for one user and for 3 months minimum

Includes :
  • Contacts and accounts
  • Dynamic forms
  • Task management
  • Agenda
TeamFORMS+ includes
  • Files follow up
  • Project management
  • On line contact forms and convert them into prospect files.
TeamCRM Group+ includes
  • Newletters and massive e-mail sending
  • Chat web live Agent
  • Appointments on line
  • On line estimate and conversion into files
TeamCRM Pro+ includes
  • Web sites and landing pages building
  • Projects portals

(different packs, special needs...)

  • Do you need to display our solutions in your own datacenter?
  • Do you want some specific integration or development, more functions?
  • How many are you in your company. More than 500 users?
  • Do you need special services?

Which subscription is for you?

Our 4 packs depend on your current needs. You can also subscribe to TeamCRM only, or TeamCMS. Contact us if you have any question. We're at your disposal.

How does the free trial work?

You create an account in a few clicks and then you can use the solution(s) you've chosen. The 15 days free trial is without engagement. You stop it when you want. Credit card number is not required.

What happens at the end of your free trial period?

Our sales team contacts you several days before the free trial ends. You keep the initial pack you tried or you can choose another one. Your trial account becomes your definite account and all you data is saved. You can go on using Projet2Team solution(s) and improve the productivity of your business. If you are not interested, your account is cancelled within 30 days to give time for reflection.

How will you pay?

We propose you a monthly payment for annual subscription. For 3 months and 6 months' subscriptions, we ask you for the payment at the beginning of the contract. All payments are made by SEPA direct debits.

When will you start?

Just sign in. A confirmation e-mail is sent to you to activate your account. One click on the link and it's done! If you prefer, you can receive a personal presentation by our sales team. We also propose you a "getting started guide" and specific training.

How long will we save your data after the end of the contract?

We propose you to store your data during 6 months after the end of the contract. After, we delete them.